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 Blue Box with New School Hours 21-22 

Parents/Guardians Sign Up to Operoo Today!

As of Thursday, July 1, 2021 we will be transitioned into our new communication platform Operoo.  We will no longer be using Blackboard Connect.

At this time, it is especially important for school communication to reach all of our dolphin families. It is important parents/guardians register on Operoo. We will be using the Operoo system to stay connected, as it is vital for updates to the digital version of the Blue Card Emergency Contacts and Media consent forms. Operoo Logo with purple letters

What is Operoo?
The Operoo system makes it very easy for you to respond to digital communications, such as school forms, surveys and keep your Emergency Contact Information (digital version of the Blue Card) current and up-to-date, using your mobile phone, tablet, or PC.

Emergency Contact (Digital Blue Card)
Our school’s first and most important task with Operoo is to have 100% of our families registered to begin sending out messages over the summer.

Once you complete this form, we will let you know what forms need to be updated in September.  You can come back at any time, on a rolling basis, to update the Emergency Contact form as information changes. This will replace the annual practice of distributing and collecting the hard copy version of the Emergency Blue Contact Card. 

I haven't registered, and/or don’t have an account yet / I forgot my login information.
If you have not registered with Operoo yet, you do not need to do anything until you receive an email invitation asking you to sign up for your Operoo account. You will begin to receive emails starting July and Operoo will automatically send daily registration emails to unregistered parents & guardians until registration is completed. Once you receive the email with your registration code, please log on to, click “Sign-In” and then enter your specific code.

The password will need to be typed directly and not copied. As a security measure, you will be required to change your password the first time you sign in. If you know you have not registered with Operoo or you have not seen any registration emails, please reach out to Ms. Santaliz at  Note: Operoo is currently only intended for Parents/Guardians. Students will not be given access. 

How and when you can contact me?
Any questions or concerns can be addressed via email at  

Summer Homework Packets

Dolphin Families

Please utilize these summer packets to help prepare your child for the upcoming year.

Summer is an important time for each of us.  It is an opportunity to rest and relax with our families and friends.  Even though it is a much-deserved time of rest, it is also vitally important that we maintain learning for our dolphins.  Daily work in Reading, Writing, Mathematics, and Science is critical.  Vacations and special events also contribute to the learning environment. It is our sincere hope that you spend time this summer continuing your child’s learning progression.  The summer packet attached provides you with resources, suggestions, and activities to maintain this important learning.  As always, the best practice for reading is to read each day for a minimum of 30 minutes.  Please turn in all assignments to your child’s teacher in the fall.  

Wishing our Dolphin Families a restful, relaxing, enjoyable, and fun-filled summer! 

See you on Monday, September 13, 2021!

Norma Santaliz, Parent Coordinator


***To Our New Dolphin Families***  -  Please download the homework packet and have your student bring the completed packet on the first day of school.  The supply list is included in the pack.  If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at


 Summer Homework Grade Packets on Google Drive


Kindergarten Orientation 2021

Welcome to Kindergarten at PS 65!

Recording of the Kindergarten Orientation video here.

Any questions or concerns, please email Ms. Norma Santaliz at

Summer Rising and JCC Programs this Summer at PS 65

PS 65 has been selected to be one of the sites for the new "Summer Rising Program," which is in collaboration with our JCC Program.  This program will begin on Tuesday, July 6th, and will run through Friday, August 20th. The day will begin with a "Socially Rigorous Academic Acceleration Program".  It will then continue with the DYCD JCC Summer Camp.

As of right now, the program is full to capacity. 

Questions/Concerns: Please email Ms. Santaliz, Parent Coordinator at

Announcements Feed

  • Latest Family Updates from Chancellor Porter

    Latest family updates from Chancellor Porter.

    July 8, 2021

    P.S. 65 The Academy of Innovative Learning
  • Important Information and June Dates Parent/Guardian Letter

    June 1, 2021

    P.S. 65 The Academy of Innovative Learning
  • NYC Department of Education School Year Calendar 2021-2022

    The NYC school calendar has been released for 2021-2022.

    Please note the following reminders:

    - November 2, Election Day, will be a fully -remote instructional day for all students

    - On "Snow Days"  or days when school buildings are closed due to an emergency, all students and families should plan on participating in remote learning.

    P.S. 65 The Academy of Innovative Learning
  • District 31 App

    District 31 has just launched a new app for residents of Staten Island.  It's called NYC District 31 Staten Island.  The app is available to download on iTunes.  It has social media and news updates in one place, essential information for families, and information about the schools in District 31. 

    P.S. 65 The Academy of Innovative Learning
  • Wide Open School - Check It Out!

    A new initiative from the DOE powered by Common Sense Media, Wide Open School brings resources to make learning at home better for parents and children.  Activities range from pre-school to grade 12.

    P.S. 65 The Academy of Innovative Learning
  • 2020-2021 Family Guide

    The 2020–21 Family Guide provides some information on what that teaching and learning will look like this school year. You will find universal expectations for how our schools will support every single student every single school day—whether they are participating in fully remote or blended learning.

    P.S. 65 The Academy of Innovative Learning
  • Device Request Form

    Remote Device Request Form from the Department of Education.

    P.S. 65 The Academy of Innovative Learning
  • Have you created your New York City Schools Account?

    Parents and Guardians:

    We’ve made it easier to sign up for an NYC Schools Account (NYCSA). Setting up a basic account will allow you to get emergency notifications from the DOE.

    If you have not yet created your account, you can create a basic account online from any computer, phone, or tablet. All you need to do is:

    • Go to
    • Set up the account by:
      • Entering  your name and email address,
      • creating a password, and
      • answering a few brief security questions so you can reset the password if you forget it.

    After you create your account, you will need to verify your identity and your relationship with that student. You will need an account creation code letter, contact Norma Santaliz at

    Once you verify your connection to your student you will be able to see your child’s grades, test scores, and attendance.

    P.S. 65 The Academy of Innovative Learning
  • 2018-2019 Recognition School!

    Congratulations to our teachers, students and families! NYS has designated PS 65 as a 2018-2019 Recognition School based on high academic achievement, student growth, and having made progress during the 2017-2018 school year.

    P.S. 65 The Academy of Innovative Learning
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