FAQ Section


What do I do if my device is not working, damaged, or if I need tech support?

  • Put in a ticket on the DOE website for Technical Support for Families.


What is the mystudent.net account?

  • This is an account used by parents and guardians. You must create an initial account using a code given to you by our parent coordinator, Mrs. Santaliz, nsantaliz@schools.nyc.gov. You will need a separate code for each child. Once you have created the initial account, you can add your additional child/children.
  • This account allows you to view your child/children’s important information such as OSIS #, email address, report cards, etc. 


What is a student DOE account?

  • Every child in the DOE automatically has an email account and user name once they are in the system. It is considered a gmail account ending in @nycstudents.net.


What is the difference between student email and user name?


How do I receive my child’s username and email?

  • Enter your child’s OSIS # and birth date in the form.
  • You will receive their username and email address underneath.
  • Then you will create a password.


How does my child sign in to view their work?

  • Please watch this video for more guidance.