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Most NYC students apply to middle school during their fifth-grade year, or if different, their final year of elementary school. The middle school application period for students applying will open the week of January 11th.  The MySchools portal is open now to look at middle schools to apply for.  You will need your personalized access code.  If you have not received your letter, please email Ms. Santaliz at nsantaliz@schools.nyc.gov.

In your child's personalized online application, you will see and explore every middle school program that they are eligible to apply for and, if they get an offer, to attend. From these options, you can add up to 12 middle school programs to your child’s application. Add the programs that interest you and your child the most and rank them in your true order of preference in the application.

  • Consider adding the programs where your child has an admissions priority or guarantee, such as their zoned school(s) or continuing school. You do not have to place any of these programs as your first choice to keep your priority.
  • Make an appointment to talk to your child's school counselor. Discuss your child's middle school application choices and how you plan to rank them.
  • Use MySchools to explore your child's middle school options.
  • Read last year's Middle School Admissions Guide - Staten Island

During the application period, you can apply in English, Spanish, Chinese, Bengali, Russian, Arabic, Urdu, Haitian Creole, Korean, or French in MySchools(Open external link). If you would like to apply using another language, call us and ask for an interpreter.

NEW for 2021-2022: Middle Schools will not use academic records, auditions, or other screens or assessments to evaluate or admit students this year.  Schools will maintain priority for students living in the district.  If a school has more applications than available seats, offers will be made using a random lottery.  In a small number of schools that have launched their own Diversity in Admissions pilots, they will admit priority groups of students first based on their schools' plans.

Learn more about the NYC Middle School Admissions process.

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Ins and Outs of the Middle School Process 2021

You can view a video of the Ins and Outs of the Middle School Process Parent Workshop here.

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The presentation can be accessed here  Ins and Outs of the Middle School Process 2021.pptx 


Citywide Programs - Open to New York City Residents

All New York City residents can apply to middle school programs that are Citywide Programs.

If you are interested and would like to have your child considered for admission, please click on the links below for more information.


Mark Twain for the Gifted and Talented (IS 239)
2401 Neptune Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11224
Admissions: 929.417.2865 (phone), 929.417.2873 (fax)

High performing school with talent programs and demanding academics
Test and audition required for admission consideration



Institute for Collborative Education (ICE)
345 East 15th Street, New York, NY 10003
212.475.7972 (phone), 212.475.0459 (fax)

Small learning community of 489 students
Promotes love of learning, not test prep
The school admits students based on their grades and an interview



New Explorations into Science, Technology and Math (NEST+m)
111 Columbia Street, New York, NY 10002
212.677.5190 (phone), 212.260.8124 (fax)

Fast-paced instruction for advanced students
School is very selective.
Admission is based on student's grades, test scores, math, writing assignments and an interview



Professional Performing Arts HS (grades 6-12)
328 West 48th Street, New York, NY 10036
212.247.8652 (phone), 212.247.7514 (fax)

First rate instruction in drama, dance and voicee
Admission is based on attendance, audition grades and NYS test scores




District 31 Programs - Open to students and residents of District 31

Listed below are the middle schools in District 31/Staten Island.  If you have any questions, please click on the link for more information and/or email Ms. Santaliz at nsantaliz@schools.nyc.gov or Ms. Rodriguez at erodriguez@schools.nyc.gov.

IS 2/George L Egbert
333 Midland Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10306

IS 7/Elias Bernstein
1270 Huguenot Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10312

IS 24/Myra S Barnes
750 Durant Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10308

IS 27/Anning S Prall
11 Clove Lake Place, Staten Island, NY 10310

The Eagle Academy for Young Men of Staten Island
101 Warren Street, Staten Island, NY 10304

IS 34/Tottenville
528 Academy Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10307

PS 48/William G Wilcox
1050 Targee Street, Staten Island, NY 10304

IS 49/Berta A Dreyfus
101 Warren Street, Staten Island, NY 10304

IS 51/Edwin Markham
80 Willowbrook Road, Staten Island, NY 10302

IS 61/William A Morris
445 Castleton Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10301

Marsh Avenue School for Expeditionary Learning
100 Essex Drive, Staten Island, NY 10314

IS 72/Rocco Laurie
33 Fendale Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10314

IS 75/Frank D Paulo
455 Huguenot Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10312

The Michael J Petrides School
715 Ocean Terrace, Staten Island, NY 10301

Staten Island School of Civic Leadership
280 Regis Drive, Staten Island, NY 10314

Kingsborough Early College School
2630 Benson Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11214

Staten Island Charter Middle Schools

The list below are the New York City charter middle schools for Staten island.  Please note that not all charter schools accept applications for new students in sixth grade.  For the most current admissions information, please contact each school directly and/or Mrs. Rodriguez at erodriguez@schools.nyc.gov.


How to Enroll in a New York City Charter School

NYC Common Online Charter School Application


John W Lavelle Preparatory Charter School
1 Teleport Drive, 3rd Floor, Staten Island, NY 10311
347.855.2238 (phone)


New World Preparatory Charter School
West Campus
337 Morningstar Road, Staten Island, NY 10303
718.705.8990 (phone), 718.442.1583

Virtual Open Houses and Resources

For More Information

  • NYC families can use MySchools to apply to public schools from 3-K to high school. Get started by creating an account. Then explore your children’s personalized school options and get guidance on the admissions process from start to finish.
  • For grades, emergency updates, progress towards graduation and much more please log into your NYC Schools Account.  Don't have an account, please email Ms. Santaliz at nsantaliz@schools.nyc.gov.
  • Contact the Middle School Admissions Team at MSEnrollment@schools.nyc.gov
  • Need Help? 718.935.2009 Monday thru Friday 8AM to 6PM/Saturday and Sunday 9AM to 1PM
  • Support at the Family Welcome Center/District 31 at petridesFWC@schools.nyc.gov