Stay Informed

There are a number of ways that our PS 65 families stay up to date on the goings-on at our busy school.

E-blasts and Text Messages from Parent Coordinator Norma Santaliz

Ms. Santaliz's e-blasts and text messages are sent to all parents and guardians weekly via OPEROO during the school year.


Operoo (formerly CareMonkey) automates important school forms.  Parents receive an invitation to Operoo when they enroll their child at PS 65.  If you have not received an invitation for an Operoo account, please contact Parent Coordinator Norma Santaliz at make sure that you have completed the NYC DOE Blue Emergency Contact Card on Operoo.

Class Dojo

Class Dojo is a communications platform that connects parents to teachers within our school.  You can use Class Dojo on your cellphone.  You’ll find events, sign-ups, announcements, and more.  To join, make sure that your cellphone information is up to date when you receive the "invite" from the teacher at the beginning of the year.  Once approved as a member, join your child’s classroom to connect with the teacher

NYC Schools Account (NYCSA)

You can receive updates directly from the Department of Education by creating an NYCSA.  Once you have the basic version, you can upgrade and link your children to your account to check grades, attendance, and more.  Please visit the NYCSA Account Set-Up Guide for Parents.

If you are new to NYCSA, you will receive an Authorization letter with a creation code the first week of school via backpack mail with instructions and a code to create your account and link your children to it.   You will also need your child’s student ID to link your account to your child.  Find the student ID on a past report card, or in your Operoo account.  The ID is a 9-digit number beginning with a “2” or a “1”.  If you see an “8”, that’s just a pre-registration placeholder, and you’ll need to contact the school for the ID number. Families in grades 1-5 should use NYCSA to provide consent for COVID testing at school.  You can give consent even if you only have a basic account!  Please read the instructions in the NYCSA  Account Set-Up Guide for Parents, see link above.

You can update your email address at your account to make sure you receive important notices from the DOE.  You can also sign up for DOE updates on topics of interest to you, such as middle school admissions.

Operoo Emergency Alert System

In the case of an emergency, PS 65 will use a text message to reach families quickly.  The system is programmed to text the telephone number you listed as primary on your child’s blue emergency contact card.   Please make sure that you have completed the NYC DOE Blue Emergency Contact Card on Operoo.  If you have any changes, please email Parent Coordinator Norma Santaliz at

District 31 App

District 31 has a new app for residents of Staten Island.  It's called NYC District 31 Staten Island.  The app is available to download on iTunes.  It has social media and news updates in one place, essential information for families, and information about the schools in District 31. 

Wide Open School - Check It Out!

A new initiative from the DOE powered by Common Sense MediaWide Open School brings resources to make learning at home better for parents and children.  Activities range from pre-school to grade 12.

NYC Department of Education and NYC Government Information and Alerts

This Department of Education website offers comprehensive information about school leadership, accountability, initiatives, opportunities, calendars, and more.

Sign up for newsletters, latest news, and updates directly from the DOE, including announcements of dates for Pre-K and Kindergarten application periods.


Notify NYC is offered for informational purposes to help make the public aware of emergencies and other planned incidents in New York City. Sign up for email or text messages.

Parent Teacher Association Monthly Meetings

As a parent or guardian of a child at PS 65, you are automatically a member of our PTA.  Attend monthly meetings to stay informed about school news.  The Principal, Assistant Principal, Parent Coordinator, and the PTA Officers give updates.  Check the web calendar for details.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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