Academics- Grades K-5

Gifted and Talented

We do not offer a Gifted & Talented program at P.S. 65.

However, we put together some information for you about the P.S. 65 admissions process and Gifted & Talented programming.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Parent Coordinator Norma Santaliz at

Gifted & Talented FAQ

Q: Does P.S. 65 have a gifted and talented program?

  • We do not have a G & T program.

Q: What can these tests tell me about my child?

  • These tests do not provide an "IQ" score or any indication of your child's grade level achievement.  The results are used strictly to screen students for admission to G&T programs. These are very cursory tests and not very discerning in the data they provide us.  They do not provide any indication of further testing achievement and do not prepare your child for the state tests they will take in third grade.  These tests are not designed or selected for that purpose.

Q: What are the pros and cons of taking these tests?

  • Pros.  Not many.  IF your child achieves the cut score, they may be offered a seat at a G&T program.  Our school does not offer a G&T program.
  • Cons. Your child is pulled out of class for several hours on one on one or small group testing.  This results in distractions to the classroom and missed instruction for your child.

Q: What factors should I consider when making a decision about my child's school?

  • Siblings - Siblings are not guaranteed admission to a gifted program.  First priority for admission is based on test scores.  If your older child attends a gifted program, younger siblings may not be offered a seat at the same school.
  • Commute - How far is the school from your home?  What does that mean for your commute (both home and work)?
  • Community - When you enroll your child in a school, you are joining a community.  Choose the community in which you can envision your family being actively involved.  When you visit the school, ask about the PTA and other opportunities for your involvement in the school as a whole.
  • When you visit, think about how is this program different from what is offered at P.S. 65.  Consider everything from academics to recess tot he physical building to the after school program.

Q: Will I lose my seat at P.S. 65 if I apply to the G & T programs that my child is eligible for?

  • No.  You will lose your seat at our school until you have accepted a seat in the G&T program that you have offered.

Q: When will I receive my G & T placement offer from the DOE?

  • After you apply and list the G&T programs you are interested in, you will receive a G&T school placement by email sometime in June.  You will have approximately 1-2 weeks to decide if you will accept that placement or stay at our school.  We ask that as soon as you decided to accept the G&T placement please let us know so we can offer your child's seat to a child on our wait list.

Q:Will I lose my seat permanently at P.S. 65 if I accept and register my child in a G & T program?

  • Yes, you will lose your seat as soon as you accept an offer in a G&T program.  Once you register for a G&T program you forfeit your seat at P.S. 65.  If you change your mind after registering at a G&T program you will be treated as a new family at our school and will be placed on our wait list.  Once a seat does become available we will hold a lottery.